The Best Health and Fitness Tips Backed by Science

health and fitness

Approximately one in four Americans visited a gym, exercise club, or fitness studio in 2019, according to the IHRSA. There are always new fitness fads and trends, but it can be difficult to understand which of them actually work. In truth, some of them do more harm than good. You’re better off sticking to scientifically […]

What Is Functional Strength Training? A Simple Guide

what is functional strength training

23% of people exercise regularly to ensure they continue to lead a healthy lifestyle. With that being said, the beauty of working out is you’re able to find exercises that fit your personal needs.  If you’re looking for a way to increase your strength while also working your functional muscles, functional strength training is the […]

7 Easy Strategies You Can Use to Boost Your Workout


Want to feel stronger every time you leave the gym? Every workout adds up and builds up your muscles. However, some workouts provide a better impact than others. The hours you put in the gym only tell part of the story. A poorly optimized workout plan can halt your initial gains. Enhancing your workout will […]

15 Ways to Find Gym Motivation When You Feel Like You Can’t

gym motivation

Did you know that folks who work out regularly are happier (75% vs. 25%) than those who don’t? There’s research that proves that not only are they happier but they are also more ambitious and more successful.  If you are looking to boost your gym motivation so you can visit the gym regularly and get that […]

How to Choose a Personal Trainer: Everything You Need to Know

choose a personal trainer

As of 2020, the fitness training industry was valued at $10.4 billion. The demand for fitness trainers is continuing to rise and there are a lot of options out there. So, how do you choose a personal trainer?  It’s important you consider a lot of factors before hiring a fitness trainer. While many people say they are […]

10 Post-Workout Recovery Tips to Maximize Results

post-workout recovery

Did you know that athletes who don’t have the right workout recovery strategies increase the chances of developing overtraining syndrome?  This is a serious condition that you should do your best to avoid. Those who have it tend to lose motivation to act, go through mood swings, and are more prone to getting injured. The good news […]

Cardio vs. Strength Training for Weight Loss: Which Is Better?

cardio vs. strength training for weight loss

Over 73% of adults in the United States are overweight or obese. While having a small amount of “extra” weight isn’t a cause for concern, being overweight can come with some health risks. Are you trying to lose weight and increase your overall fitness? If you’re new to weight loss, or you’ve never been successful […]

This Is How to Exercise in Winter Weather

how to exercise in winter

Don’t let your summer’s go to waste just because you don’t know how to stay fit in the wintertime.  If you want to be healthy and happy, it’s important that you have a well-rounded fitness routine. By staying physically fit, it will be easier to manage your weight, lower your blood pressure, and build muscle.  It’s easy […]