benefits of strength training for women

Going to the gym can relieve stress, reduce body fat, and help you feel more confident. 

Most women spend their time on the treadmill or stay busy cycling. Only about 20% of women focus on resistance training and lifting. If you’re only focusing on cardio, you may end up holding yourself back. 

If you want to enhance your body, keep reading to discover the benefits of strength training for women! 

1. Boost Your Low Metabolism

One of the largest benefits of strength training for women is a boosted metabolism.  

Your metabolism is responsible for converting food and liquids into energy. Depending on what you put in your body and if you work out, you could impact your levels and weight. A low metabolism often leads to increased fat and difficulty processing foods. 

Strength training can help people with low metabolisms since lifting requires so much fuel. When your muscles get torn, they require significantly more energy to repair themselves. 

It’s okay if you start eating more to stay nourished, this is a common side effect for beginner lifters! 

Fuel Your Body with the Best Foods

Aside from lifting weights, you need to eat the right foods to speed up your metabolism.

It helps to imagine your body as a machine. Everything is connected and when one isn’t properly functioning, the other areas aren’t as efficient. If you’ve got a great gym routine, but don’t eat a balanced diet, you won’t notice any results. 

Your muscles require water and food to build and increase your metabolism. Try eating small, frequent meals packed with protein, nutrients, and vitamins. 

2. Enhance Bone Density 

Osteoporosis is a common diagnosis, it occurs when people have low bone density.

A lack of minerals or being overweight can influence your bone density. If you don’t manage your weight, your bones could develop holes and increase the odds of getting a fracture. 

When it comes to strength training vs cardio, weight lifting is more beneficial to the bones. Cardio can put a lot of stress on your bones, especially while running and make the problem worse. Lifting helps build bone density by strengthening the muscles around the bones and increasing blood flow. 

If osteoporosis runs in your family, talk to our fitness professionals to develop a customized plan! 

Avoid These Bone-Breaking Habits

Since calcium is the most essential mineral for bones, you don’t want to have a deficiency. 

Eating processed foods that lack vitamins and nutrients can increase your risk of having bone issues. You should also stay away from smoking and drinking alcohol, as these habits can deplete your body of water and nutrients. 

People that spend most of their time sitting down are more likely to lower their bone density. Going to the gym a couple of times a week, even for a short session, can improve your density and overall health. 

3. Burn Fat Faster

If you want to notice the most results, practice cardio, circuit, and strength training. 

Weight lifting for women can speed up the metabolism and increase lean muscle mass. When you get into a routine, you’ll notice the fat shedding off. Even after you’ve completed your gym session, your body will still be working hard and burning calories. 

Many women incorporate weightlifting because it helps them overcome weight loss plateaus. Keep in mind that your body will require more fuel (food), to keep your energy up. 

Fat-Burning Workouts to Try 

When it comes to finding strength training tips, many women don’t know where to begin. 

Since there are a variety of strength training exercises for women, you need to understand the benefits of each one. Doing a few sets of deadlifts, or lunges and squats with barbells is perfect for burning fat. While standing in place, or doing lunges, your body uses all the lower body, back, and arm muscles. 

Exercises that involve multiple joints are the most beneficial for losing fat. Change up which muscles you work throughout the week and swap out your lighter sets for heavier lifting occasionally. Once you increase your set times and don’t have any pain, you should also increase the weight. 

4. Increase Confidence 

Instead of wondering, ‘can and should women lift weights, walk over to them and grab a set! 

Strength training can increase a female’s confidence levels in a few ways. Not only will you feel better in your skin if you shed a couple of pounds, but you will also feel stronger. Strength training increases confidence because women understand their true power. 

You should always be cautious, but the next time you walk alone, you can trust that you can protect yourself. Approaching new exercises and groups can help your self-esteem since you’ll have other people nearby. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Try Something New 

If you want to get the health benefits of lifting weights, you can’t be afraid to try new exercises.

Although it can be intimidating to approach new equipment with other gym-goers around, you have to jump in. The great thing about attending Results Fitness is that you have plenty of strength training options and coaches to help. 

Free weights and dumbbells are typically easy to approach. If you’ve ever been curious about cable machines or kickboxing classes, you should give them a try. Doing something new can help you stay engaged and work different muscles. 

5. Improve Your Body Shape

Whether you’ve got an athletic, curvy, or slim build, you can change things up when you start lifting weights. 

Genes and lifestyles play essential roles in a person’s body shape, but gym routines can do significantly more. You can build lean muscle in areas that feel flat without looking too bulky. 

To get a toned body, you should increase your reps and use lighter weights. If you’re increasing your weights, the muscle fibers will keep tearing and building upon themselves.

Lighter lifting routines can be relaxing since you won’t be pushing your body to its max potential. You must be patient with this process, but your efforts will be noticeable before you realize it. 

Body-Shaping Tips

It’s easy to get caught up in social media and marketing ads that make women look flawless. 

Instead of focusing on losing weight to look good, you should set the intention of improving your mental and physical health. A poor mindset could lead to dangerous eating habits or impact your confidence. 

Eating a balanced diet with lean proteins, veggies, fruits, and grains will put you on the right track. If you want to gain muscle around your thighs or arms, you can gradually increase the weights until you get to your desired appearance. 

6. You’ll Become Stronger

If you have a hard time holding the kids or bringing in the groceries, you can find strength at the gym. 

Squats, push-ups, and deadlifts can build your strength and make daily tasks simpler. Strength training will be difficult, but as your muscles start repairing, everything around you will feel lighter. 

Increased strength also means that you can tackle home improvement projects while your partner is away! 

The Power of the Mind

Not only will you become physically stronger with weight training, but it can also improve mental health. 

Doing strength training can strengthen your memory and improve your mood. Physical movement is best for people suffering from anxiety and depression since it increases blood flow. 

If you aren’t taking care of your body and doing strength training exercises, you may start feeling sluggish. It’s believed that people see improvements in their mental health due to increased self-esteem levels. 

7. Your Mood Will Change 

Regardless of which exercises you prefer, you can improve your mood with weights. 

Many people come into the gym feeling pushed down by the weight of life. Once you start lifting and moving, however, your mind starts to make new connections. Working out has a positive influence on the mind, it releases endorphins and makes people feel productive.

The hardest part of weight lifting and going to the gym, which many people face, is leaving in the first place. Force yourself to go, even when you don’t want to. Before you know it, the gym will become a healthy habit for your mind and body! 

Fun Ways to Enjoy Your Training

To make strength training more enjoyable, you can find exciting ways to push the limits. 

You can take Results Fitness aquatic classes or sign up for a kickboxing class. As long as you speak with the instructors and inform them of your goals, they can put you on the right path. 

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends or family if they want to play a fun game outside or go for a walk. You can put ankle weights or wrist weights to increase intensity. 

8. Feel Prepared for Big Games

If you’re an athlete and want to prepare for tryouts or a big game, you need to increase your strength.

Endurance is important, but no matter how fast you can run, your muscles have to keep up. Getting into a routine for strength training can ensure that your body is ready to handle the competition. 

Mixing your workout sessions with resistance training, cardio, and lifting will show you the best results. 

Score Big with Strength 

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing the finish line, only to run out of power before you cross it.

Strength training will make sure that you can cross the finish line and meet your fitness goals. Since working out has so many benefits on the mind and can only happen if your body gets nutrients, you will notice improvements everywhere. 

You’ll be ready to tackle the next match and still have the energy for training and practice! 

9. Prevent Injuries

People that don’t do strength training often have weaker ligaments, joints, and tendons. 

Lifting weights and doing resistance training can prevent injuries since your body will be prepared for the impact. Running and other activities can put a lot of stress on your body, you will either build muscle or break something. 

Studies show that strength training can prevent injuries and help with arthritis. 

Safety Tips for Weight Lifting 

It’s a good idea to have someone go to the gym with you, otherwise, you can ask someone nearby to spot you.

Lifting weights is a drastic change if you’re used to only doing cardio. Having someone by your side can help you become more aware of how your body is handling the pressures of lifting. 

You should start small and gradually increase your weight and resistance. Sudden movements or changes in intensity can damage your muscles. Take your time and focus on your movements to prevent hurting yourself. 

10. Help Your Heart

Cutting our red meat and avoiding alcohol and smoking will help your heart, but so can strength exercises.

Each time you lift a barbell or medicine ball, your heart starts pumping faster. While it’s pumping, it sends oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body. The more that you lift weights, the more you can increase good cholesterol levels in the body and keep heart disease away. 

Pay attention to your heart rate if you’re feeling dizzy or fatigued at the gym.

Balance Glucose Levels

Blood sugar levels can fluctuate if you don’t regularly work out.

Doing strength training exercises can help you balance your sugar levels, keeping your heart and organs healthy. If you have a lot of lean mass, it means that your body is efficient at reducing glucose levels. Without muscle and working out, you may have to take medication to stabilize levels. 

Experience the Benefits of Strength Training for Women

Most are unaware of the benefits of strength training for women since it’s typically marketed toward men. 

Results Fitness is a perfect place for women to grow muscle and confidence. Whether you enjoy small groups, lessons, or independent routines, you can reach your goals. Not only does strength training help you lose fat, but it also helps you mold your body shape. 

Make sure you sign up for a free pass and see everything that Results Fitness has to offer! 

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