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Lose Weight without Gimmicks at Alexandria Gym

Are you trying to lose weight but keep getting sidetracked? Are you unsure of how to lose those unwanted inches in a healthy way? Then you’re not alone.

At Results Fitness in Alexandria, we understand that weight is affected by more than just how much (and what) you eat. All the fad diets, supplements and expensive equipment in the world can’t substitute for the benefits you’ll realize from a well-rounded physical fitness program.

Losing Weight is About More Than Just a Diet
Your weight can be affected by multiple factors — such as stress, gender, genetics or other health issues – that can cause you to gain. In fact, not eating enough can actually cause you to store fat rather than burn it.

But don’t give up! With assistance from our gym in Alexandria, you CAN achieve your weight loss goals. We’ll be there, throughout your weight loss journey, to coach, motivate, and support you along the way.

Weight Loss Solutions at Result Fitness

Our Alexandria health club offers the services and amenities you need – including numerous group fitness classes — that feature aerobic exercise, an essential element in burning fat. Or try the Cardio Cinema, where you can watch a movie as you can work out on a wide range of equipment – like bikes, treadmills, and rowers – to jumpstart your metabolism and burn calories.

Would you prefer a more private experience?

Sometimes just walking into the gym can be intimidating, especially when you’re unsure of what to do or where to begin. You can also choose to work with a personal trainer who will help you develop a physical fitness program tailored specifically to your needs and goals.

Our gym offers a women’s only area, too, that is accessible only through the ladies locker room. It’s private, away from the co-ed crowd, but with the same equipment and classes you’ll find in other areas of the gym.

Not everyone is the same, and results can vary from individual to individual. But you’ve made the decision and taken that first big step. Now continue your progress and stop by Results Fitness for a free 7-day pass. Take a tour, meet with a personal trainer.

It’s more than about looking better. Losing weight is about feeling better and improving your health, too. Start today!

Hours of Operation

4:30AM – 11:00PM

Saturday & Sunday
7:00AM – 9:00PM

Kids Club Hours

8:00AM – 2:30PM, 04:00PM – 09:00PM

Tues – Thurs
8:00AM – 2:00PM, 04:00PM – 09:00PM

8:30AM – 2:00PM, 05:00PM – 08:00PM

Saturday & Sunday
8:00AM – 2:00PM


Seasons Greetings from Results Fitness
We will close at 6PM on Christmas Eve and be closed on Christmas Day.
We will close at 7pm New Years Eve and be open from 7am to 3pm on New Years Day.


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