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Results Fitness History

We have been in the Alexandria/Mount Vernon Area since 1985. Our philosophy as a business has been to provide excellent customer service, clean neat facility and provide an atmosphere that would allow our members to achieve their fitness results in the best possible way. We started out originally as small 5,000 square foot gym on Duke street called “The Iron Works Gym”(still our corporate name). 

In 1991 we relocated to where Target is currently located to a 15,000 sq.ft. club to keep up with our growing membership. In 1992 we became a Gold’s Gym franchise. We expanded several times at that location until Target bought us out of our lease in 2002 when we relocated to out current location at 7770 Richmond Highway. This location was a much larger space (39,000 square feet). 

In 2015 when “Habitat for Humanity” left their 15,000 square foot space we took the space and added a junior Olympic salt water pool and spa, new larger studios, ladies only gym, locker rooms and new training and stretching areas. In 2017 when we left the brand and became Results Fitness we were the 4th highest revenue Gold’s out of over 400 franchisees and the #1 rated Gold’s in the DC Market (over 50 Gold’s Gyms at the time in the DMV). We feel that Results Fitness is the most complete fitness center in the DC Area to help our member achieve their fitness results.