COVID-19 Updates


To Our Results Fitness Family,

Since we reopened in June 2020, our gym has successfully followed Covid-19 state protocols and safety guidelines:

  • Members are required to wear a mask when entering and exiting the gym, but can remove the mask while exercising.
  • We take everyone’s temperature upon check-in.
  • Each member receives a bottle of disinfectant and towel to wipe down equipment before and after use.
  • Members must maintain 10 feet social distancing while exercising (although much of the equipment is marked off to not use).
  • The saunas and spa are shut down as per state mandate.
  • We have upgraded many sanitizing programs. Our HVAC unit now uses Air Oasis UV air cleaners, which kill 99.9% of airborne viruses and bacteria as it goes through the HVAC units. At night we run ozone machines that are 3,000 times as strong as chlorine to sanitize air and surfaces while we are shut down at night.
  • IHRSA (International Health Racquet Sports Association) tracked over 2,800 gyms for 3 months after they reopened for any cases of Covid-19 traced back to the gyms. In roughly 49,000,000 check-ins in those facilities, there were zero cases tracked back to the 2,800 plus gyms!

Just a quick update on our preventive measures; thanks for helping us keep Results Fitness a safe, clean gym! We looking forward to seeing you!



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Dear Members,

I know it has been a long three months for all of us but we will finally be re-opening Monday, June 15th, at 4:30am and billing will resume July 1st.  We know that regular exercise is key to maintaining physical and mental health and boosting your immune system.  We also recognize that there will be on-going concerns about attending the gym, but we want to assure you that the health and safety of our members and staff is our first priority.

We will be open our normal hours which are 4:30am – 11:00pm Monday through Friday, and 7:00am – 9:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.  We are limited to 30 % capacity which is 167 people. This will not be an issue because as we will not be immediately opening our kids club, saunas or group exercise classes until we are able to ensure that we can safely operate those areas of the club. The spa will be closed but the pool will be open. There will be a limit of one person per lane with a 30 minute time limit if anyone is waiting(please use proper etiquette). We will be re-starting those other areas after we are allowed to go to Phase 3.

Here are highlights of some of the detailed safety, cleaning, and health protocols at Results Fitness-

We will only use the front entrance so we can test each member’s temperature upon entry. All staff will be in masks and members can wear a mask if they so choose to. Each member will receive a clean towel and sanitizer bottle to wipe down equipment before and after each use. We have posted signage throughout the club regarding not coming while sick, hand washing, social distancing and cleaning before and after. Certain cardio pieces have signs that indicate they are NOT TO BE USED to create a safe distance of 10 feet. While we are not having classes we have set the studios up with cardio and other equipment for extreme social distancing (15 feet apart) for members to use. We have also added touchless hand sanitizers stations in addition to our normal ones.

For over 10 years since the H1N1 outbreak, we installed enhanced protection measures including Guardian Air by RGF®, designed to eliminate sick building syndrome risks by reducing odors, air pollutants, VOCs (chemical odors), smoke, mold bacteria and viruses.  We just upgraded those systems to the latest technology(

While we were closed, we did heavy cleaning that can only be done while the club is closed (cleaning all dust from the rafters and refurbishing and detailing our equipment). In addition we replaced the pool deck and have purchased new sauna benches.

When we do restart studio classes we will have limited attendance to allow for social distancing and class times will be staggered to allow for disinfecting the studios between classes.  Any equipment used will be cleaned and sanitized before being returned to storage.

These are just some of the protocols that we have in place for your return and we will continue to adhere to any guidance provided by local and state government.



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To our Results Fitness family,

We had a planned to open on May 18 based on what the Governor said on April 30, and then on May 8, he said Phase One for gyms would only allow 10 people or less to exercise outside. Then on May 11 he said he wasn’t sure if he was going to even allow Northern Virginia to start Phase One on the May 15.

At this point we are waiting on the word from the Governor and will send an email on our opening date. We arranged with our billing company to shut down all billing effective April 1 and all credits will be sorted through and made correct. Our admin department will resume our requests following our reopening and then our initial billing will start later. This will give our admin department time to process all requests and should square up all billing issues. 

 Our new cleaning protocols will make us much safer than any place you may visit. Each member will have their own cleaning bottle and cleaning towel provided by us when you enter the club. We will also have very broad social distancing throughout the club. Many of our disinfecting protocols were already in place (like hand sanitizer stations, wipes, etc.). We have also ordered new disinfecting air units for each of our HVAC to replace our existing ones which creates an ozone effect with the air coming into the club.

Thank you for your patience during these trying times. We have posted information as well as on-demand classes on our website as well as for workouts. During this time we are doing renovations and heavy cleaning that can only be done when the club is shut down (such as blowing down rafters, new sauna benches, new pool deck, etc.).

Wishing you the very best,

Results Fitness


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Dear Results Fitness Member and Family,

First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those around the world impacted by COVID-19. These unprecedented times can undoubtedly create anxiety and stress, but upon reflection they can also bring out the very best in us in how we respond. It has been nothing short of extraordinary and inspirational to witness the support from all of you as our club teams come together as one family and put every ounce of their effort into cleaning our facilities to ensure all our members have as clean and safe a facility as possible to provide you an outlet to de-stress both physically and mentally. We have always viewed Results Fitness as your ‘third place’ falling somewhere between your home and work – to provide a better way of life.

Based on recent orders and advisories from federal, state and local governmental authorities regarding COVID-19, all of our Results Fitness will be closing at 5 p.m. on March 17. We will remained closed following the “stay at home” executive order put in place by the governor until June 10th. We hope to open sooner, but will continue to follow governmental guidance. Member accounts will be credited for the number of days the club is closed. We will continue to monitor this complex situation so that we can be prepared to open some or all services as soon as possible. 

During the time our club is closed, we will be performing deep cleaning of our facility as well as making improvements to the club. Our commitment to providing you the best fitness solution doesn’t end simply because of this temporary and extraordinary situation.



For our existing members we have arranged with our billing company to shut down all billing effective April 1st and all credits will be sorted through and made correct. They are inundated with thousands of clubs requests. Our admin department will resume requests following our reopening. Thank you for your patience during these trying times.

At-Home Streaming Fitness Solutions 

To provide you solutions in these challenging times, we are working with our close friends and partners at Les Mills and Alloy to provide you at home streaming fitness solutions so you can continue on your fitness journey, boost your immune system and clear your mind! Please continue to monitor our website and social media accounts for updates and online offerings.

Les Mills: Les Mills On Demand has made available group fitness classes for our members like BodyPump, CXWorks, Bodyflow, etc. for you to follow streaming on your home or mobile devices. In the next 48 hours, Less Mills will make available the full suite of 750+ On-Demand classes. In the meantime, you can access 95+ classes available via the following links.

At Home Workouts

Get A Free Less Mills Trial

Personal Training: Our personal trainers will be reaching out to clients to offer remote training to help you stay on track. This includes daily workout programming, outdoor training, Facetime coaching to provide movement correction and continual motivation and structure to keep you on track.

Rest assured we’re going to continue monitoring this situation closely and we’ll be reopening our clubs as soon as we are able. Our thoughts are with you all.


Yours In Health, 

Results Fitness